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HFC Refrigerant

  • Tetrafluoroethane Hfc 134a Refrigerant 30lb
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    Tetrafluoroethane Hfc 134a Refrigerant 30lb

    Tetrafluoroethane Gas Hfc 134a Refrigerant 30lb For R22 Freon Replacement Product Name: Tetrafluoroethane ( HFC-134a ) Cas No.: 811-97-2 Molecular Formula: CH2FCF3 Relative Molecular Mass: 102.03 ODP: 0 GWP(100yr): 1200 Main Use: R-134a is an mixed refrigerant gas, belong to...
  • HFC-23
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    Product Name: HFC 23 (R23) Case No.: 75-46-7 Molecular Formula: CHF3
  • Gases Refrigerantes 404a Freon
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    Gases Refrigerantes 404a Freon

    Gases Refrigerantes 404a Freon R404a Properties: Mainly Use: R404 is a gas refrigerante for R22 refrigerant replacement, and a hydrofluorocarbon mixed of three refrigerants which are R-125(44%) , R134a(52%) and R143a(4%), most new supermarket and refrigeration equipment has...
  • Replacing R22 With R407c Refrigerant
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    Replacing R22 With R407c Refrigerant

    Replacing R22 With R407c Refrigerant R407c Refrigerant Properties R407c chemical name: R407C Blend Refrigerant CAS No.:354-33-6 /811-97-2/75-10-5 Gas 407 Molecular Formula: CH 2 FCF 3 / CH 2 F 2 /CF 3 CHF 2 Freon 407 Relative Molecular Mass: 86.2 ODP: 0 R407a Gwp (100yr):...
  • Freon R600a Gas
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    Freon R600a Gas

    Freon R600a Gas Chemical Name: R600A Other Name : Isobutane Refrigerant, R600 Refrigerant, R600 Gas, Freon R600, Methylpropane R600a Refrigerant Properties R600a is the common name for natural gas air conditioner and high purity isobutane (C4H10) suitable for use in the...
  • HFC 410a Refrigerant 25LB
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    HFC 410a Refrigerant 25LB

    HFC 410a Refrigerant 25LB r410a properties: R410a Chemical Name: HFC R410a Molecular Formula:CH 2 F 2 /CH 3 CHF 2 Relative Molecular Mass:72.6 R410a Toxicity: NONE CAS No.: 811-97-2 ODP: 0 Gwp R410a (100yr):2000 Application: 410 chemical composition of R125 and R32, Used in...
  • R507 Refrigerant
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    R507 Refrigerant

    R507 Refrigerant R507 Refrigerant Properties: Chemical Name: R507 Refrigerant Chemical Formula :CHF 2 CF 3 / CH 3 CF 3 Molecular Weight of R507a : 98.86 CAS No.:354-33-6; 420-46-2 Technical Specification: Storage & Transportation: The product is packed in steel cylinder...
  • R290 Gas Replacement For R22
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    R290 Gas Replacement For R22

    R290 Gas Replacement For R22 Technical Specification:
  • R-227ea Fm200 Fire Suppression
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    R-227ea Fm200 Fire Suppression

    R-227ea fm200 Fire Suppression Chemical Name: HFC-227ea Other Name: R-227ea, Fm200 Gas, HFC Hydrofluorocarbon, Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher, HCFC Fire Extinguisher, Heptafluoropropane, Molecular Formula:CF 3 CHFCF 3 Relative Molecular Mass:170 CAS No.:431-89-0 Technical...

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