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Twin Connecting For AC Copper Pipe

Twin Connecting For AC Copper Pipe

Twin Connecting For AC Copper Pipe Aircon Copper Pipe Size: (copper pipe sizes in mm)

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Twin Connecting For AC Copper Pipe

hvac copper line sets.jpgSummaryrefrigeration inesets are designed especially for the ductless and ducted mini and multi split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump System products requiring insulation on both lines and flared connections. The copper tubes are ASTM B280, annealed, refrigerant grade; one the end of line is srewed with plastic cap, and another is flared with nut

Aircon Copper Pipe Size: (copper pipe sizes in mm)


Copper pipe   diameter

Copper pipe wall   thickness


Thickness of   Insulation Layer

Copper Pipe   Lengths


1/4” & 3/8”

 Φ6.35 & Φ9.52

0.50 &   0.60

Polyethylene Foam   Pipe (White)


≤3m, or on   request

Screwed and Flared

1/4” & 1/2”

Φ6.35 & Φ12.07

0.50 &   0.60

1/4” & 5/8” 

Φ6.35  & Φ15.88

0.50 &   0.75

3/8” & 5/8”

Φ9.52 & Φ15.88

0.60 &   0.75

3/8” & 3/4”

Φ9.52  & Φ19.05

0.60 &   0.80

1/2” & 3/4”

Φ12.7 & Φ 19.05

0.60 &   0.80

flexible copper pipe.jpg

Safety Standards

Insulated copper tube and pipe conforms to most current safety and performance standards for copper pipe and insulation.

Copper Tube/Pipe

Europe: E735-1N   12


Our insulation is in accordance with the standard as following:

Outside   pipe insulation

Europe: EN1350-7   BL-s1-d0


l  Welding point: no pores,cracks,slag,burrs and burn,not fusion,no obvious oxide film,no plug hole without significantly reduced.

l  Polyaire air condtioning paire coile tube is gauranteed to be the highest quality insulated copper on the market at the most affordable price.

l  Further discounts is offered on a range of selected products in store.

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