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Blowing Agent Methylene Cloride Dichloride Spray Used As Solvent For Expanding Foam

Blowing Agent Methylene Cloride Dichloride Spray Used As Solvent For Expanding Foam

Technical Specifications:

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Blowing Agent Methylene Cloride Dichloride Spray 

Used as Solvent For Expanding Foam


Chemical Name: Industrial Methylene Chloride     

Molecular Formula:CH2 CI2 

Relative Molecular Mass:84.93                  

CAS No:75-09-2



1)       Used as pharmaceutical intermediates.

2)       Used as polyurethane foaming agent

    blowing agent to produce flexible PU foam,

3)       Used as metal degreaser,

4)       Used as metal cleaning,

5)       Used as oil dewaxing,

6)       Used as mold discharging agent

7)       Used as decaffeination agent,

8)       Used as parting agent of detergent,

9)       Used in adhesive

10)   Used in agrochemical and film industry


Packing Detail:  250Kgs In New Galvanized Drum.

Technical Specifications:

DescriptionGB/T 4117-2008
Top quality High quality Regular quality
AppearanceColorless and clear liquid
Mass fraction   of methylene chloride, % ≥99.90 ≥99.50 ≥99.20
Moisture   % ≤0.010 ≤0.020 ≤0.030
Acidity(as   HCL), % ≤0.0004 ≤0.0008
Chroma(Pt-Co) ≤10
Mass fraction   of evaporated residue,% ≤0.0005 ≤0.0010

methylene dichloride.jpg

methylene dichloride

methylene chloride solvent.jpg

methylene chloride solvent

Blowing Agent.jpg

Blowing Agent 


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