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  • Refrigerant Gas 410a
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    Refrigerant Gas 410a

    Refrigerant gas 410a Standard compliance: Q/JHGS 206-2015 Cas No.: 75-10-5/354-33-6 Average Relative molecular Weight: 72.6 410 Chemical Composition: R125 / R32 Purity ( % ≥ ): 99.8 R410a Refrigerant Properties 1. Appearance: coloerless 2. Moisture, ppm : ≤10 3. Acidity...
  • Refrigerant Gas R407c
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    Refrigerant Gas R407c

    Refrigerant Gas R407c Standard compliance: Q/JHGS 207-2015 Cas No.: 75-10-5 /811-97-2 Average Relative molecular Weight: 97.6 r404a composition: R125 / R143a / R134a Purity ( % ≥ ): 99.9 R404 Refrigerant Properties: Under normal temperature and pressure , the product is a...
  • Refrigerant Gas R404a
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    Refrigerant Gas R404a

    Refrigerant Gas R 404a Standard compliance: Q/JHGS 205-2015 Standard Cas No.: 354-33-6/811-97-2/420-46-2 Average Relative molecular Weight: 97.6 r404a composition: R125 / R143a / R134a Purity ( % ≥ ): 99.8 R404 Refrigerant Properties: 1. Appearance : Colorless 2. Melting...
  • Refrigerant Gas R134a
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    Refrigerant Gas R134a

    Refrigerant Gas R134a Standard compliance: GB/T 18826-2002 Molecular Formula: C2H2F4 Relative Molecular mass: 102.03 Purity ( % ≥ ): 99.9 134a refrigerant properties 1. Under normal temperature and pressure, the products is a colorless gas with a slight scent of ethers. 2....
  • HFC-32
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    R32 Refrigerant Properties: Storage & Transportation: The product is packaged in steel cylinder or tank (or tank car), it should be kept in cool and dry place, avoid heat source, kept away from sunlight and raining.
  • Tetrafluoroethane Hfc 134a Refrigerant 30lb
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    Tetrafluoroethane Hfc 134a Refrigerant 30lb

    Tetrafluoroethane Gas Hfc 134a Refrigerant 30lb For R22 Freon Replacement Product Name: Tetrafluoroethane ( HFC-134a ) Cas No.: 811-97-2 Molecular Formula: CH2FCF3 Relative Molecular Mass: 102.03 ODP: 0 GWP(100yr): 1200 Main Use: R-134a is an mixed refrigerant gas, belong to...
  • HFC-23
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    Product Name: HFC 23 (R23) Case No.: 75-46-7 Molecular Formula: CHF3
  • Abc Chemicals Powder Of Fire Extinguishing Agent
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    Abc Chemicals Powder Of Fire Extinguishing Agent

    Products Overiew: ABC (ammonium phosphate) 75# dry powder fire extinguishing Main contents amonium phosphate . good and stability quality, also excellent insulation,no harm to people and animals, ABC/BC Dry Chemical Powder for Fire Extinguishers. Function: Be filled in Dry...
  • Gases Refrigerantes 404a Refrigerant Gas
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    Gases Refrigerantes 404a Refrigerant Gas

    Gases Refrigerantes 404a Refrigerant Gas R404a Properties: Mainly Use: R404 is a gas refrigerante for R22 refrigerant replacement, and a hydrofluorocarbon mixed of three refrigerants which are R-125(44%) , R134a(52%) and R143a(4%), most new supermarket and refrigeration...
  • Refrigerant Gas R600a Gas
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    Refrigerant Gas R600a Gas

    Refrigerant Gas R600a Gas Chemical Name: R600A Other Name : Isobutane Refrigerant, R600 Refrigerant, R600 Gas, Refrigerant Gas R600, Methylpropane R600a Refrigerant Properties R600a is the common name for natural gas air conditioner and high purity isobutane (C4H10) suitable...
  • Gas Refrigerante R407c
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    Gas Refrigerante R407c

    Replacing R22 With R407c Refrigerant R407c Refrigerant Properties R407c chemical name: R407C Blend Refrigerant CAS No.:354-33-6 /811-97-2/75-10-5 Gas 407 Molecular Formula: CH 2 FCF 3 / CH 2 F 2 /CF 3 CHF 2 Freon 407 Relative Molecular Mass: 86.2 ODP: 0 R407a Gwp (100yr):...
  • HFC 410a Refrigerant 25LB
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    HFC 410a Refrigerant 25LB

    HFC 410a Refrigerant 25LB r410a properties: R410a Chemical Name: HFC R410a Molecular Formula:CH 2 F 2 /CH 3 CHF 2 Relative Molecular Mass:72.6 R410a Toxicity: NONE CAS No.: 811-97-2 ODP: 0 Gwp R410a (100yr):2000 Application: 410 chemical composition of R125 and R32, Used in...
  • R507 Refrigerant
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    R507 Refrigerant

    R507 Refrigerant R507 Refrigerant Properties: Chemical Name: R507 Refrigerant Chemical Formula :CHF 2 CF 3 / CH 3 CF 3 Molecular Weight of R507a : 98.86 CAS No.:354-33-6; 420-46-2 Technical Specification: Storage & Transportation: The product is packed in steel cylinder...
  • R290 Gas Replacement For R22
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    R290 Gas Replacement For R22

    R290 Gas Replacement For R22 Technical Specification:
  • R-227ea Fm200 Fire Suppression
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    R-227ea Fm200 Fire Suppression

    R-227ea fm200 Fire Suppression Chemical Name: HFC-227ea Other Name: R-227ea, Fm200 Gas, HFC Hydrofluorocarbon, Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher, HCFC Fire Extinguisher, Heptafluoropropane, Molecular Formula:CF 3 CHFCF 3 Relative Molecular Mass:170 CAS No.:431-89-0 Technical...

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